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Join Date: Oct Posts: Just a side note, due to Konami, the mini face images will be wrong in Team Settings but correct player likeness in game in V1, V2, and V3. V4 includes added players to the game as it will make the minimap faces white silhouettes like on the Fake League players. If you already installed V1 or V2, V3, either keep those versions or you will need to delete your EDIT file to install this file as the way this file was created to remove the minimap players.

Last edited by Buckshot; at Originally Posted by Buckshot. Just a side note, due to Konami, the mini face images will be wrong in Team Settings but correct player likeness in game. You got that done quick matey You currently have 0 posts. Originally Posted by Ratmundo. Join Date: Aug Posts: Hello Buckshot, Congrats for your huge work! You must have spent a lot of time! I know you are respected here and maybe you didn't know I created all this or it's just an omission.

Again congrats for your work. I don't recall seeing my name in your list of credits for your file last year? Kits and faces that were copied over from my work on PES17, like you say 'hours and hours of work'. I apologize for not including you in credits as didn't know you did some of the faces. I did grab most of the kits from your file since they were made by so many different editors, didn't think it was an issue. If any of the kits are yours, I will cite you in kits.

Didn't use your team logos as not a fan of the shiny logos. I will add you to credits. Brought my version over this year from last years. Ratmundo, you were in the kit credits last year.

pes universe v3

If there's one thing I can't be blamed for is quoting my sources.Whilst playing as Man Red instead of Manchester United or MD White instead of Real Madrid doesn't literally impact the action itself, there is an argument to made that the lack of real names inhibits the overall spectacle.

Fortunately - for PlayStation 4 and PC players, at least - there's a remarkably easy way of switching those default names to the real one. PS4 players can now add massively detailed option files to PESwith a new feature which makes it possible not only to import the files, but to do so across multiple separate profiles with a single folder on a USB drive.

To do so on PS4 specifically, simply follow the instructions below a quick word of warning: obviously, whatever you download from internet forums is done so at your own risk, so bear that in mind before you do too much digging around!

With those steps followed, you now have a complete set of teams with official names, logos, tournaments, kits and badges, just as if you were playing a fully licensed version of the game. Things are a little more nebulous for PC players of PESwith the installation process of the fan-made patch requiring a different, albeit still simple, method to the USB trick on PS4.

PC patches can also be a littler harder to come by soon after release, but they are out there. One option is this patch from pes-patch. Another site, PTE patchshould have some soon too. To install them, follow the simple steps below:. That should do it for PC players, but do note that other, more comprehensive patches are likely to surface for PC as time goes by.

Make sure to keep an eye out on community sites like PesWorld and Pes-Patch over the coming few weeks. Sadly for Xbox One owners there is no ability to transfer and install an option file at present. Rather than being able to simply import externally created files from a USB drive, Xbox One players will instead need to manually edit the teams, kits, and competitions in-game.

Fortunately, PES does include a comprehensive editor built into the game, as it did last year. Head to the Edit option again, and there you'll find the options to manually change things like team names - we've compiled a list of real team names to save you some time - along with competition names, kit colours although not sponsors and logosand more.I want to become a gold member, can I have: All National Teams, All Club Leagues, with no managers and stadiums for 2nd division teams?

Hi mate, there are a couple of new faces, but mainly I was concentrating on creating the new teams. There will be more face updates in future versions. Depends by what you mean by complete? No it isn't possible to share a complete file, just team imports. The bin file is created by exporting the team in edit mode in the game. Yeah the game has a limit on images, so you need to delete some. Personally I delete some of the stadium images as you barely ever see them when playing.

Again the bin file is created when you export the team in edit mode. You don't need a program to make the bin file, when you export a team in edit mode then copy the file from your PS4 to a USB that file is the bin file. I don't make kits sorry, I use kits made by other people but you just need Photoshop or similar to do that. My Questions are, 1. Do I just replace the files? Hi mate, You would only need to delete the images. The problem you will have is any teams made by other people may have used players to create CSL players that we have used for Bundesliga or Liga MX players or any other players so when you import those teams the players may be removed from other teams.

Paul I installed the OF before the live update, and now afer the live update I think most of the players in the Munchen Squad is missing, what should I do now?

It will cause a few errors but we will have a new update that fixes these out soon.

pes universe v3

I followed ur tutorial on using bruteforce save data. I am running out of ideas. Hi Paul Any update for Bundeliga,now Subotic is also not in the germany team. First Live update in each week he is in Dortmund team. After your O. F File again he is in Dortmund team. There are some other transfers aswell.Keep in mind that the following instructions might change slightly in the full version of eFootball PES which, at time of writing, has yet to be released.

This guide is also purely PC related duh! This year Konami included part of the Edit Mode feature in the eFootball PES demo, allowing creators to get to work early: you should have a pick of downloads to choose from on September 10th. First, load up the game and apply any live updates. This ensures your game is ready and up to date ahead of installing the correct licensed information. Locate your chosen download and use file extractor software to open it.

Installation instructions do vary, especially for bigger patches, so keep an eye out for specifics. Ignore any additional settings. You should now find that all the relevant data has been updated. If anything is amiss, be sure to check for any additional instructions left by the creator. Otherwise, enjoy your new team names, kits, badges, and any extra PES goodies.

Fans of the English leagues should note that the default club names have changed this year.

PES 2020 PS4 PESUniverse Option File v3 [Downloads]

Instead of 'East London' and 'Merseyside Blue', for example, teams are fitted with more authentic names to simplify the editing process for creators.

Imported team names, kits, and badges do work online, but only you can see them. These imports also work in the popular, online-focused myClub game mode.

Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. See comments. Topics Sports.Speaking of which…. However, you can also check out PES World to see if any free Option Files crop up on there from the crack team of modders and editors a few days after release. Right-click on your USB, then press Format.

Do that just mash X and follow the on-screen instructions when required and go back to Import Team. You then have to wait around minutes for the files to copy over, depending on how large your PES Option File is. From here, accept the warning, and click on Import Team.

The whole process will take around 10 minutes, perhaps longer if you have several leagues and teams to overwrite. As of writing, there is still no way to get real names, kits, and badges on your PES Xbox One copy. All downloaded names, kits, and badges will work online in PESalbeit with a caveat.

Only you can see it, not your opponent. Just getting started? Then be sure to immediately head over to our PES tips for 5 key things to know before you play. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Bradley Russell. See comments. Topics Sports.Apologies this has taken so long, but real life has gotten in the way.

Enjoy, Paul. Posted by paul at 15 comments: Email This BlogThis! It has taken longer than anticipated, but contains a lot more than we originally intended.

pes universe v3

These will be released as they are ready. Once those are done we will continue to improve the file where possible with things such as player appearances or extra kits. Personally I'm just limiting the number of stadium images I have, but the link above gives some other options.

PES 2020 - How to install PESUniverse HIGH RESOLUTION Kits

Please refer to my previous post in regards to how to import the files. I will update the post with a download link once it is available to non-members. Posted by paul at 35 comments: Email This BlogThis! Hi guys, The new data pack is out next Thursday so I thought now might be a good time to offer a few tips on importing OF's. Bulk Imports It is now possible since the last patch to import all teams at once which is great, however This will be reflected in V3 of the OF.

It also means that if we run out of players to create teams in the future then you won't have any issues. This doesn't work well though as you can't choose which players to overwrite. Update Squad Data The 2nd Tick Box This doesn't need to be used for every team, only those where changes have been made to players. This means any team where faces have been updated, teams we have created or NT who have fake players by default I will post a list below.

These teams also need to be re-imported every time you do the Konami Live Update which could be every Thursday. Posted by paul at 22 comments: Email This BlogThis! Hi guys, In case you haven't seen v2 of the OF is out now for everyone.

pes universe v3

If you are a member you would have gotten an email a few days ago, for everyone else the download link is below. Enjoy :. Posted by paul at 66 comments: Email This BlogThis! Hi guys, It's been a while, but I haven't really had much to post over the last few months, how are you all? I don't think my copy from Konami will be here any time soon, but I have bought the digital version so will have the game tomorrow.

Those that got it early have been working hard to get as much done as possible for release day tomorrow. There will be a full instruction video on how to do this. Posted by paul at 57 comments: Email This BlogThis! Sunday, 20 March Data Pack 3. Hi guys, it has been a while since I posted anything sorry, Work has kept me very busy, so PES has been neglected a bit, so much so that I still haven't finished editing my own game.

There is a new data pack this week which is released on Thursday and I hoping that a few days after that I will finally finish and be able to start playing BAL. I'm sure you have all seen the announcements about the data pack but for anyone that hasn't it will include the winter transfers, Euro mode as well as the usual new boots and player faces.

It is also rumoured that NT squads will be updated, I have sent a tweet to officialpes for confirmation, but haven't got a reply as yet. Yesterday I spent the day preparing for the data pack, so I thought I would share this with you all so you can carry it out as well.

I base copied any players I had created over the fake duplicates as they will disappear after the data pack.

Welcome to the Definitive PES Website

There is a great spreadsheet by Duck No. I'm trying to get confirmation of who these players might be and will update this post if I get any information. I hope everyone is well, Paul.When i import the teams the game say that it reaches the maximum of images allowed. Delete all the images in the edit menu. All of them are included in the option file. What should i do? Tried it again, or go to delete image and delete the one you don't need, also go to competition structure and you can change the league size and switch them into Bundesliga.

Will you guys add the manager faces for the rest of the clubs in Serie A? Will there be a complete V3 version? I want to add two more local Teams Europe and must be sure,that its possible,otherwise i cannot use this unfortunately. Hi, love your detailed work so far, do you plan on creating a post winter transfer window OF for PS4? Thanks in advance. It's not my work. There's probably new version of it.

I'll update the post when new release is available. Could you please make, or recommend a more detailed step by step tutorial on how to install the pes option file v5 to the ps4? DO you know why i keep getting loading failed on so many teams from v5??? First time option file install too. Rules : 1. Use English! Your comment won't be shown if you're not using English!. Don't spam. Report dead link!

All credit goes to PES Universe. Those whoe are marked in the folders by the -Apply Data Wait for it to end and. You already have your game licensed! PC Version is here. Unknown September 11, at AM. Unknown September 13, at PM. Unknown September 11, at PM. Unknown September 12, at AM. Prometheus September 12, at AM. Unknown September 12, at PM. Unknown September 29, at PM. TehPeng September 12, at PM. Unknown September 14, at AM. Unknown September 15, at PM.


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