Kinovea tutorial

It primarily targets coaches, athletes and medical experts by supporting specific functions. Users can measure line length, speed and distance. Data can be exported to OpenOffice calc, Excel and simple text.

As soon as you open Kinovea, the integrated File Explorer lets you browse your video collection visually just like any simple video editor.

All the supported files are displayed as thumbnails. Bookmarks can be saved via a shortcut manager for faster look up. The build-in video controls let you focus on a particular action within the video by exploring the motion frame by frame or in slow motion. The best part about this software is that it would play almost all native formats and codecs. Users can add enriched content to their videos by using the drawing tool, which lets them add different shapes like lines and arrows with added description to key positions.

The build-in line and chronometer tools let you measure distance and time. You can follow motion path and measure speeds by using the semi automated tracking tool. The Dual-screen mode allows you to compare two videos side by side. Dynamic comparison can be done by synchronizing on a common event. Saving back to video or multiple images, and saving the analysis data to a spreadsheet format for further processing are some exporting options available.

File explorer has two panels on the left side of the screen. Folder gives you direct view of your system explorer tree. And Videos files are shortcuts allowing you to frequently bookmark folders and files. In this tab, you can see the key image controls for your video. You can add a key image, move a drawing or image when zoomed, show the comments window, add text label, hand drawing, line or arrow, cross market, angle measure, stopwatch, grid visibility, magnifier visible and color profiles for drawing tools.

Click Add Key Image to add key control to the position of interest. The key images toolbar unfolds and a thumbnail of the current image will appear on the screen. Remember, each image frame from the video can be tuned into a key image. Comments can be added one each image by clicking the comment button. To draw on an image, click any drawing tool and then click anywhere in the image. Simply a drawing is added on the image. You can always change the color and style of the drawing using right-click, move and resize it as well.

You can set the working zone and control the video from this panel. Set the selected image as the start or end of the work place environment. Selection bar, navigation cursor, markers for key images, stop watch, path tracking, synchronization point, navigation controls, loop, save a snapshot or sequence of snapshots and video. To open and play videos, use the file explorer to navigate.

The thumbnails panel on the right displays the files that can be opened. Simply double-click on a thumbnail to open the video in a player screen. With the help of selection cursors set a working zone for your project. It will help by extracting the frames composition for faster access and giving you full control on the timeline.Kinovea is a video analysis software dedicated to sport.

It targets primarily the coaches, athletes and medical professionals. It can also be useful in ergonomics and animation study. The line and chronometer tools let you measure distances and times. A semi-automated tracking tool let you follow motion path and measure speeds. Once the video has been placed on the computer from an external source, Kinovea will select these files automatically.

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The video will then appear on the working screen. Select area of the video to be used by clicking the frame [ ] icon to choose the start and end point of the video.

This option will create a video with the original images that has not been modified. To export the video with the drawings, stopwatches and paths that are directly on images.

This option may be used when you cut a long video into smaller pieces for later analysis. When you have selected the area of the video to be used, right click and choose End Path Edition. Click on the particular area and two rectangles will appear around the object that you are going to track.

The rectangles will then disappear however all the points location will be remain and be seen when the play button is selected.

In order to make the necessary adjustments or to highlight certain areas on the path, the following can be done:.

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Right click on the Path track and choose Configuration this will take you to the configure path option. Measurement When checking the distance, the total distance between the start of the path and the end point will be calculated. Set the physical length of an area by adding a line over that particular area and then right click the line. The key image labels will then be displayed, either the distance or the speed. Click on the Stopwatch button of the drawings tool bar : Click anywhere on the image to add the Stopwatch.

The Stopwatch will be visible on the image. The stopwatch will then only be visible between the beginning and end of the added frame. In order to get the distance and speed in modern units, you must first add a line and set the real length. Then select Distance in the Measurement options. The speed indication is the average speed of the segment between the previous and the current point. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Google account.Tracking is a semi-automatic process. The points location is computed automatically but you can adjust them at any time.

kinovea tutorial

To improve automatic tracking results, the object to track should be well contrasted and feature rich. The shape of the object should not change much during the tracking. You may also consider the use of tracking stickers or reflective stickers to improve the results. When the tracking is in progress, you will see two rectangles around the object being tracked. The inner rectangle is the feature window [ A ], while the outer rectangle is the search window [ B ].

When the automatic tracking fails, you can correct the point location by dragging the search window. Drag it until the cross at the center of the tracking tool is at the correct location. Once you are at the last image of the Path you want to track, end the tracking by right clicking the tool and using the menu End Path Edition.

The rectangles disappear. The Path is now interactive and you can jump to any image by clicking on the corresponding point. Drag the target along the trajectory to browse the motion. If some points are misplaced, go to the image corresponding to the misplaced point, right-click the path and use menu Restart Path Edition. Right click on the Path track and use the menu Configuration to access the display options. Measurement Additional information on total distance or speed can be displayed by choosing one of the options:.

To express distance and speed in real world units, you must first add a line and set its real length as described in Measuring distances.

Key images When key images are within the time boundaries of the path, they are displayed as small labels attached to their image position. You can move the key images labels around to clarify the view. When using one of the measurement display option, the key image labels will display the distance or speed of their respective position. Tracking objects or body joints. The steps involved in tracking an object or a body joint in Kinovea are the following: Right click the object to track and use the menu Track Path.

Quickly Analyze Sports Videos With Kinovea Video Editor

To finish tracking, right-click and use the menu End Path Edition. When tracking resumes, it will take this new point as reference. All points location are locked. The following settings are available: Display modes The Path track can be in one of three mode: [ A ] - Complete path - All the path is drawn all the time. This is the default option. Distance - The total distance between the start of the path and the current point.It provides a set of tools to capture, slow down, study, compare, annotate and measure technical performances.

Learn more. We strive to build a software simple enough for use in classroom and powerful enough for olympic training. Measure angles, distances and times manually or use semi-automated tracking to follow the trajectories of points on the video. Export your analysis to spreadsheet formats for scientific study and further processing. Create custom tools to suit specific needs. I have been working on this project in some shape or form sinceand I'm blown away that over the years it has been downloaded more than a million times, used by thousands of athletes, coaches, students, physical therapists and is cited in hundreds of research papers!

Kinovea takes a fair amount of time and energy and I appreciate every bit of support! I have a full time job and work on Kinovea during my spare time.

The money will be used to acquire new cameras for testing and integrating in the capture module, upgrades to my development machine and a code-signing certificate for improving the security of releases.

I have chosen the "per creation" model in Patreon so payments will be "per release", not "per month". Releases are spaced out pretty far apart, every 6 months to a year. This model feels the most appropriate for the project.

Patrons get access to occasional screenshots and discussion of early work in progress and intermediate test-builds that are sometimes made to attempt to fix a specific bug or test a way to implement a feature. These builds might be partly broken and rough around the edges, your feedback as core community members will be super valuable! Features Download Forum Help. A microscope for your videos Kinovea is a video player for sport analysis.

Kinovea is completely free and open source. Simple yet powerful We strive to build a software simple enough for use in classroom and powerful enough for olympic training. Observe and annotate Enrich the video by adding arrows, descriptions and other content to key positions. Compare Observe two videos side by side and synchronize them on a common event. Measure Measure angles, distances and times manually or use semi-automated tracking to follow the trajectories of points on the video.

Extend Export your analysis to spreadsheet formats for scientific study and further processing. Longomatch : video analysis for team sports. Kinovea is supported by users via Patreon.Kinovea is a comprehensive application that primarily aims coaches, athletes and medical professionals who want to analyze videos.

The interface of the program is professional-looking and intuitive. Thanks to the Explorer-based folder structure, you can easily navigate directories to locate and access video files.

kinovea tutorial

So, you can preview clips in a built-in, common media player, add key images, write comments and use some standard graphic editing tools e. In addition, you can display a perspective grid, magnify images, configure a color profile, as well as track paths in the video complete path, a path section around the current image, or a label following the path.

Plenty of settings can be configured from the Preferences screen. For instance, you can select the time marker format, default image type, speed measurement unit, grid and perspective grid color, as well as modify the default image and video directories and formats, naming patterns and allocated memory for capture buffers.

Kinovea offers multilingual support, includes a help file with video tutorials, has a good response time and requires a moderate-to-high amount of CPU and system memory. No error dialogs have been shown in our tests and the app did not hang or crash. All in all, Kinovea supplies users with a complete solution to video analysis. Get an accurate idea about any athlete's performance figures with the help of this video analysis software that is specially designed for coaches, athletes and medical professionals.

What's new in Kinovea 0. Live delay. Support for network cameras. Read the full changelog. Kinovea was reviewed by Elena Opris. Kinovea 0. Load comments. All rights reserved.The forum is the primary hub for announcements and discussions about releases, workflow questions, ideas for new features, camera issues, etc.

The manual last updated for 0.

kinovea tutorial

Send us your tutorials PDF, links, videos, etc. If you suspect you have found a bug, head over to the bug tracker. Double check there if it hasn't already been reported. Add as many details as you can on how to reproduce the behavior you have seen, and what you expected to see instead.

In particular add the version of Kinovea you are using and the version of Windows.

kinovea tutorial

If the problem happens with a specific video, try to reproduce with a short video and send a link to the video or attach it to the bug report. You are encouraged to post ideas on the forum but if you prefer you can also send small feedback, suggestions or messages to asso kinovea. Do not use this to ask about how to use a certain feature or whether it already exists.

Ask about these in the forum, you will get a faster answer and everyone will benefit from the answer.

If you don't get a response in 10 days or so it's probable that your message is a better fit for the forum. Features Download Forum Help. Help Forum The forum is the primary hub for announcements and discussions about releases, workflow questions, ideas for new features, camera issues, etc.

Tutorials contributed by the community. If you are unsure about the expected behavior post the report on the forum instead. If the problem happens in the capture screen, provide the exact brand and model of the camera.

Descriptions of usability improvements in concrete scenarios are especially appreciated.Version 0. NET platform 3. NET platform 4. CPU : 1GHz. Memory : MB Screen resolution: x pixels.

The main difference is that the beta version contains more experimental features, doesn't have a fully complete manual, and the file format is evolving. In order to graduate from beta to stable, it is important that as many people as possible test the beta version and give feedback.

Kinovea is a free software under the GPL v2 license. Please have a look at license. You can use it for free for any purpose, including personal, academic or commercial. You do not have to ask for permission to use it in your research, university courses, bike fit shop, physical therapy clinic, or any other business or hobby activity.

The source code for Kinovea is versionned using git and hosted on github. Features Download Forum Help. Download Minimum requirements Version 0. Versions Kinovea comes in two flavors: a stable version and a beta version. Main Download Kinovea. License Kinovea is a free software under the GPL v2 license. Source code The source code for Kinovea is versionned using git and hosted on github.


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