Festool drum sander

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festool drum sander

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Table Tilt. Drill Presses. Dust Collectors. Wide Belt Sanders. Edge Sanders.With the same performance level using either the AC adapter or battery, the only question left is whether the price is an obstacle for Festool's Hybrid Sanders. Festool Hybrid Sander. Let that sink in for just a moment. Up until recently, Festool has been missing from the cordless sander conversation. No matter which Festool Hybrid Sander you choose, the power sources are the same. You can run them with an AC adapter or 18V battery pack.

However, they can use the same charger. To kick off this line, the Festool Hybrid Sander is available in 3 standard forms — rectangle, delta, or circular pad. Depending on the job at hand, you can find a use for all three styles.

If the performance is there, it makes sense to grab each of them as replacements for your current models. Each of the new Festool Hybrid Sander models includes the Protector. Rather than packing everything into the main compartment of the Systainer, you get a drawer with this one. At the heart of the new battery form factor is ensuring you still get outstanding ergonomics with these sanders.

Does it work? The elongated handle design is more like a barrel grip handle than anything else. The power switch and speed dial are both easy to reach during use. I have medium-size hands, and I could stand for the handle to be a little narrower in diameter in a perfect world. Coming back around to the vibration, Festool does an excellent job keeping what reaches your hand to a minimum.

As I prepared to take some grit to a door that needed a finished removed, I wondered how much power loss there would be when I made the switch from AC power to the 18V battery pack.

So how much was there? Try none. So the fact that Festool gets the same performance from both power sources is a pretty big deal for Pro users.

What we were really looking for is how much dust is collected when the pad is completely on the material with or without the dust extractor. Even the dust bag alone does an excellent job. However, give the choice of the two, we like the extractor to get a larger percentage of the dust collected. The fact that you still get excellent dust collection with the bag along is an important finding when you consider the cordless capability of these sanders.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. We have a sander that's perfect for you. How do you move seamlessly between rough sanding and final sanding without switching sanders? The design of this multipurpose sander is nothing short of an engineering marvel.

Use the aggressive action to quickly and efficiently remove wood, paint, or varnish. Switch to the fine setting for final finishing. Equip your ROTEX with polishing pads, sponges, felts or sheepskin and get astonishing finishes that gleam with brillance. With the new RO 90 DX, add the ability to swap the round pad for a delta-shaped pad to reach deep into corners and crevices.

Achieve Exceptional Finishes. Festool offers a comprehensive line of finish sanders that will allow you to achieve an amazing fine finish in no time.

The sanders are perfectly balanced with custom-ground counterweights to ensure smooth handling and even smoother finishes. With abrasives available to up 4, grit, you'll be completely blown away with the quality of your work after using a Festool sander. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, there's a Festool finish sander that will best suit your particular needs. Strongly consider our ROTEX sanders, which offer the most versatility with their multi-mode operation.

Amazing Stripping and Fast Material Removal. So, you need to really hog away some material quickly. Or, maybe you've got about five thick layers of paint that you need to remove. Well, we've got sanders for that! Choose from our family of ROTEX multi-mode sanders which are capable of extremely efficent removal of material, like a belt sander or grinder, yet can also be used with the finesse of a finish sander or polisher.

The multi-mode ROTEX sanders can operate in a gear-driven, eccentric motion for amazing stripping and material removal capabilities. Festool offers several other coarse, aggressive sanders to meet your needs. Festool abrasives start at 24 grit and offer longer life than competing brands. It's All in the Details. Festool has a sander that will let you sand even the most difficult corner, crevice, detail or profile.

We have multiple sander models that offer pads in a delta triangular shape which optimizes surface area for faster sanding while providing a shape that will reach into corners. Whether you need aggressive sanding or fine finish sanding in corners or profiles, Festool has a sander just for you. Even tackle complex mouldings and profiles that would normally require tedious hand sanding. Items 1 - 24 of Domino Domino Kapex Promo. Domino Accessories Domino Accessories.

festool drum sander

Benefits of Festool Sanders. Drywall Sander. Orbital Sanders.As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. All claims are strictly my personal opinion. Paint removal is a tricky business that can give you a few headaches and, without the proper tools, disappointing results.

I speak from experience! To successfully remove paint, you need a powerful handheld machine that can dominate rough stock quickly and easily.

festool drum sander

Due to these requirements, both random orbital sanders and belt sanders are fantastic choices. Those are the best types of sander to deal with paint removal. They are both potent enough to easily sand old and rough paint and are also fast enough to deliver a fantastic high-quality finish in the end. Now, on to my favorites!

My favorite sander of all time. The Bosch DEVS delivers mountains of power, tank-like durability, comfortable grips and a beastly turbo-mode to ensure it can take on absolutely anything, no matter how rough the paint is.

With a random orbital motion to boot, it gives you stunningly high-quality, scratch-free results. Festool keeps their tradition of delivering elite-quality machines with the ETS With superb build-quality, modern features and an advanced design, the ETS is a truly superb sander that will impress even weathered professionals.

With theMakita delivers a potent and beautifully well-made belt sander that is sure to dominate any paint removal task you throw at it. Excellent machine. The Hitachi SB8V2 is popular due to its unbeatable value — it offers professional performance at an extremely inexpensive price.

The Makita trades belt width in favor of higher speeds and boy is it fast. The front-facing belt design also gives you unbeatable versatility.

Its purpose is to destroy old rough stock and paint with ease and it does so beautifully well. The design and pistol grip handle makes it a joy to use and the results speak for themselves, a great choice. Any of these will make removing paint a piece of cake.

That takes a slightly different type of sander, although one of the above the Festool is beyond great for it as well! Both of the Dynabrade machines shown are random orbital pneumatic air-powered sanders. They are beloved by bodyshops all over the world due to their excellence when dealing with car-paint and even buffing car bodies.

The Festool ETS is on par as well, ranking as my personal pick for the best electrical sander for paint removal in the market. The famous Dynorbital Supreme is the definition of excellence when it comes to pneumatic orbital sanders. This beauty runs at 12, RPMs, providing excellent performance when removing car paint and is also nearly indestructible. The Festool ETS is a superb sander for car paint removal. The construction quality is one of the best and so is the design and features.

With a power lock-on to boot, it truly is the best electrical sander for removing car paint. And there you go, my personal picks for the best sanders to remove paint are right there for the taking. Remember to use low grit sandpaper at first to easily remove the old paint and then start scaling up to a higher grit to achieve finer and finer finishes as you go. We are in the process of renovating our year old home. We want to re stain all of the trim and baseboards in the home.I need a vacuum and sander for sanding and finishing hardwood floors.

Specifically Brazilian cherry jatoba. The floor cannot have any dust or it will look like crap. A few years ago i saw a company using the festool to do the finish sanding with the dust extraction vacuum attached What would you recommend I purchase in order to have a complete setup?

Fundamentally I like to buy the best tools and I know they cost more but that has worked for me. Please help. Re: what festool to buy floor sanding and finishing. Hi welcome to talkFestool, Will you be stripping or just sanding new floor? Others who have done floors I have not here will jump in.

With Deltex for the tight spots. In fact you will need to turn it down for best results. Mini and Midi are the same except for bag capacity.

CT22 and CT33 are the same except bag capacity. Though they are very convenient to carry around. The CT22 and 33 have HEPA fliters and may be a better choice if you plant to add a router or power plane to your tool line up. The Festool cleaning attachments are very nice. Good qualityeven the plastic ones. You can tell where it's goin'. I have to say that the thought of sanding a whole floor with the RO is pretty daunting to me. Aren't there big sanders especially designed for that sort of thing?

I guess the problem is the dust collection. Could you really get a floor flat with a Rotex? I wouldnt want to sand a floor with a rotex either. I think the dust collection on floor sanders is pretty good for the higher end models. Maybe festool need to come up with a floor sander "the Rotex ". I love my RO, but I would echo Poto's thought that sanding a whole floor with it seems daunting. That's a big job to do on your knees - not only is it only a 6" diameter plate, you really have to pay attention to keep it flat.

Especially when I think about how many times you have to go over it I did 10x12 room of American Cherry with the RO I used the DTS for the corners and edges. I started with the Mini half expecting to have to switch to the 22 but the Mini work well enough.

Technical Details

I would suggest that if you don't have either get the 22 - you will want it later anyway. I don't think I would take on a larger room though - too hard on the back and knees. Don't do large room with a small sander, it's not worth it. Over 20 years ago I did two rooms with little left an old finish, using belt sanders.

At least they were old Porter Cable quality. But not only was it back breaking stupid, it took far too long, and the results were decent at best.

Since then over the years I've rented the drum sanders like this four times.The new PLANEX easy long-reach sander is the lightest long-reach sander with direct drive on the market: maintenance-free, light and easy to use. For drywall applications, it enables rooms to be prepared more easily and more quickly. The brushless motor without flexible shaft is maintenance-free and ensures optimum power transmission. Easy handling makes sanding as quick and trouble-free as possible, and the low weight enables you to work without getting tired for sustained periods.

The combination of mobility, versatility and optimum results enables you to quickly and reliably achieve your goal: The perfect surface.

Drywall sander

Not entirely satisfied with the tool you purchased? Simply return it to your dealer within 30 days of purchase and they will refund you the purchase price.

We use cookies to optimise the design of our websites. By continuing your visit on the website, you consent to the use of cookies. Festool United States Planex Easy. Available now. It's simple. It's lightweight. It's Easy. Strengths and benefits Simple set-up and intuitive controls let you focus on results. Covered by Festool-exclusive 3-year Service All-Inclusive warranty. Flexible head design allows greater freedom-of-movement for easier sanding. Low weight and perfect balance reduce fatigue.

Direct-drive EC TEC brushless motor provides power to the surface without a flexible cable for less downtime with less weight.

Sanding with Festool - Part 1

The drywaller's solution to less mess and more profits. Single-piece design Simple-to-use, plug-and-go design with intuitive controls for near-effortless sanding. Direct-drive EC TEC brushless motor Durable and long-lasting design with no flexible shaft to replace and no carbon brushes to wear out.

Flexible Low weight, flexible head, exceptional balance and direct-drive motor provide greater freedom-of-movement for easier sanding.We take sanding seriously. Whatever project you're working on, we've got you covered — from removing heavy stock, to polishing, to drywall, to finishing custom profiles.

Granat is our most long-lasting and highest performing abrasive and is well suited for nearly all applications, including bare wood, paints, most modern paint systems, VOC clear coats, plastic materials, solid surface materials, acrylics, and composites.

The sander stroke will make it faster to sand and to get to a certain point faster. It will not be more aggressive on the sanding. When it comes to differences:. Festool sanders come ready from the manufacturing facility and do not need time to break in the brushes. Turn suction down on your CT Dust Extractor. ETS sanders need minimal suction and nothing passed a quarter of the power. ROTEX sanders can handle more suction but mostly suggested around half the suction to three-quarters of full power.

Also, always make sure to lift the sander from the material before you turn off the sander. Festool's cordless sanders use a custom 18 V battery pack that is unique to the Festool sanders.

Why not? It is important that we design the battery around that tool — not the other way around. The existing 18 V batteries would make the batteries significantly unbalances and unergonomic.

It is important to us that the quality and performance of these sanders is uncompromised. What's the value of a cordless sander? How can it improve your work and your business? Knox Revival Paint Co. The open net structure of the abrasive enables dust extraction across the entire surface — for a clean working environment, a high material removal capacity and a long service life. The new cordless compact orbital sanders impress with a capacity to remove extensive material and excellent endurance thanks to an 18 V battery pack and brushless EC-TEC motor.

With a low weight and optimum center of gravity, they guarantee comfortable cordless work. Festool is well known for the strength of our sander line and our commitment to ongoing quality improvement. We use cookies to optimise the design of our websites. By continuing your visit on the website, you consent to the use of cookies. Festool sanders Whatever your project, we have the right sander for the right job. The solution to the perfect surface. Move from aggressive material removal to fine sanding to polishing with the push of a button.

Characteristically, Festool has gone to great lengths to design sanders, accessories, and abrasives that work seamlessly as a system, resulting in nearly dust-free operation, low vibration, longer service life, and, of course, an immaculate surface.

From pre-sanding with a compact one-handed tool to achieving a super-fine finish in specialty applications, sanding becomes part of the job you can actually look forward to.

Orbital sanders Corners, edge, and large surfaces.


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