Aternos mods

This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. This thread was marked as Locked by webrosc. It shows a timer when the server will shut down. I readed in the help box that when no one is playing or slots are empty the sever will shut down after some time.

aternos mods

Is there a way to add fake players when no one is playing so all slots are Full. Is there a plugin or mod or bukkit to do that. I know it's a bit disappointing, but Aternos actually reviews all plugins before they get uploaded which is why the plugins like FakePlayersOnline isn't there. So sadly, no, there is no way to keep the server up and running when your offline.

Hope this helps! Im just a normal youtuber and a guy who made a mod, a map, a modpack, and a lucky block add-on. Thanks anyways for reading my description! Bye ;D! The only way to keep a server on is either actually purchase a dedicated server. ReviveMeD0T is correct. Yeah, so there is one free way to leave your server up and running, but other than that for freethere is nothing else except buying a server from them.

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Como crear un SERVIDOR de Minecraft con MODS en ATERNOS FACIL Y RAPIDO!!🔴

There is a known issue with Storage Drawers. If you apply packing tape and break the block with your fist the Client will crash. Use a pick instead. Enabled Gravestones. This should fix the SoulBound issue. A full update will be coming within the next week that will add additional mods. Minecraft Server Hosting. Hermitcraft Modsauce 2. Hermitcraft Modsauce 2 is the official follow up to the original Modsauce pack.

Join the Hermitcraft community in building amazing bases, exploring new magic, and tinkering with technology. No matter what you are into, you will be able to explore and have fun. Leaderboards Servers Support Website. Streams Videos. Download ATLauncher. Minecraft Version. There have beeninstalls of this pack. There have been 23, server installs of this pack.

Players have played a total of This may damage worlds. Externally linked to download. Also provides some customization options for Minecraft. Mineshopper Donate Website Waila 1. ProfMobius Donate Website Origin 1. Darkhax Donate Website OpenBlocks 1. WayofTime Donate Website Decocraft 2. It is inspired by Jurassic Park, but is not limited to all JP canon: as many creatures and features as possible will be added!

It is pretty much like the overworld, just different. Aroma, Schillaa Donate Website Necromancy 1. Create your own Minions and infuse them with life! Also Tables, enchanted plates, map frames, and seats! Olafski Website Thaumcraft 4. The feature chest is the crystal chest, which is transparent - some inventory contents are visible without opening the chest cpw Donate Website Thaumic Energistics 0.

Domochevsky Donate Website D3Core 1. SpitefulFox Donate Website Automagy 0.Didn't have any trouble with the server. Fast bootup and it handled both vanilla and RLcraft very well. Would reccomend. It's a good server, but when i logged in this morning i had to start over with my friend. Our world was still there but our stuff in our inventory was gone.

We're playing Pixelmon in this server and i had to choose a new Pokemon to. It was like the server did not recognize our account. When i saw the OP's of my server me and my friend were still opped but we were not able to use commands.


Anyone that has a solution? I did not have any issues with the server quality whatsoever I don't get what people are complaining about. I came here to see if Aternos was trustable because it is this good and still free. Great service. Ignoring the 9-year-olds who don't understand a website that gets revenue off of ads.

aternos mods

This server hosting is the best you'll get without paying a penny. I've never had to wait longer than 10 minutes so I don't know why people are crying. Not to mention this is one of the, if not only, a server that allows you to play on snapshots for free. Be forewarned: Going to a different page on the site while booting up the server will immediately kick you out of the queue and initiate a shutdown on the server.

So if you want to make edits to the server, do it before queueing. I turned on the server. What is this?! And the server lag is unbearable. Honestly this is a great alternative over other things like AWS since that cost money and me and my friends just want to play some Minecraft and I don't know where you are from but I am in queue for 5 minutes and then it makes a sound to confirm and then it loads I don't know how you have a problem like that and my server has mb allocated for the server.

I tried to make a server and it gave me an 82 queue time. Such a BAD website. Sure, it's free, but what do you get?? Such long waiting times makes it not worth it and if u leave the server then it only gives you 45 seconds to get back on which you probably won't make it which means you make to wait 70 minutes to open it again.

Also only allows MB of data on your server which sucks. Aternos is good because they have lots of plugins, but at the moment it takes 2 hours to start up my server. This is why I recommend Minehut, a free server hosting where u can even start up the server without needing to access the website. Once you join the server when it is offline, it starts up with 2 minutes. Don't have such a lags but waiting for the server min even though it's free Great just watching a free server host is a miracle dont listen to the 2 years kid who complain about the lag and ram they are just stupid and think that the server can do whatever they ask, this works fine and its very good.

Used to be a great server until it started to kill me with the waiting time. Dude 73 min is not a joke. You can do a whole lot of things during that waiting period. And say if i some how miss the confirming period slightly I am again forced to wait another 73 min What nonsense is this? Although it is free it does not mean that we need to wait for 73 minutes just to play in some nonsense server Would have given 5 stars only if they reduce the waiting time to minutesTo celebrate Christmas and the end of an amazing year we are giving away headstart keys to skip the queue once to everybody for free!

We wish you a great Christmas time! This is a fantastic milestone, and we love every single one of you. To celebrate this milestone, we are giving away millions of free headstart keys to everyone It's time for presents! Happy holidays and enjoy the time with your family and friends. It's time for a new update! You can now install multiple mods on your server. Install Forge, choose some mods you want to play with and enjoy your custom modded server. Minecraft 1.

The conversion to the new world format might cause performance problems. Remember to make backups and download your world! Tag your friends who still pay for Minecraft servers. Experience Minecraft in a complete new way! Customize your server! Want to try something new? Learn how to upload a customized world to your Aternos server! Did you notice it yet?

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I just downloaded Forge. Anyone got any Good forge mods?

aternos mods

Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. You can check the list of mods here. The mods that are labeled with forge required and forge compatible will work with forge. Quote from NobodyCare. I have quite a few good mods installed. Heres a short list of them! If you'd like the downloads, I'll leave them at the bottom. Bibliocraft Basic Guns Custom House. Insta house Scenter Recipe book Timber! My personal favorite! Jammy Furniture Now for the downloads Enjoy playing with forge!

It really depends on what interests you. Yjere are mods that range from complete and total cheating to massively unfair hard to play. For Instance, one i use is a Diamond Meter Others allow you to build a fully automatic mining machine Buildcraft Others are just aesthetic in that they let you make colored beds, stairs from other materials, show recipes that would normally have to be looked up in mod threads or the wiki.

Best thing to do is look through the mods section of the forum and look at that list that NobodyCare posted. CoreMod CodeChickenCore 0. Inficraft is a good mod that adds tons of things and it requires forge, modloadermp and modloader. Click the banner to go to my list rpg mods. I suggest the portal gun mod. Go to my new list here.

Try the Minecraft Comes Alive Mod! All you need is forge! Quote from Garmaklinker. Try Minecraft Comes Alive. Instant blocks mod. Hi guys, I've tried out some of the websites u guys mentioned, but I faced a problem. The mods that are "Forge Required" work perfectly, but the ones that are "Forge Compatible" doesn't work.

Everytime I launch Minecraft, the Mojang screen appears, but then it closes.Forum Crafting Risorse Servers. Forum Crafting Risorse Servers Altro. Crafting Area Crafting Tutti gli elementi. Categorie Blocchi da costruzione Blocchi non solidi Decorazioni Redstone. Trasporti Varie Cibarie Attrezzi. Combattimento Distillazione Materiali Mobs. Modding Mods Resource packs Skins.

Mappe Custom maps Schematics Seeds. Altro Guide Server plugins Command creations. Altro Archivio lista server Regolamento. Altre informazioni. Redstone User. Contributore novizio I. Se ha un nome potresti sceglierlo dai modpack offriti su aternos, lo installi e avvi il server, purtroppo non sono tutte disponibili e non puoi caricare le singole mod che vuoi te. Attenzione, si dovrebbe cancellare il mondo Il pulsante install o reinstall si trova in alto a destra nel riquadro verde che si apre premendo sul nome della mod scelta.

Se ti sono stato utile Ip: Mc.

Is Safe?

Ti interessa un host da 1,5GB gratuito? Ottienilo joinando nel server discord di freemchost! Purtroppo per tutte quelle mod serve molta ram. Hai provato a hostarlo sul pc con le porte del router aperte o con no-ip? I GB variano in base al modpack che hai intenzione di caricare. Credevo fosse escluso ma come si dice sempre Risposta di Rod Risposta di K3kko Risposta di CrazyDistructorIT.

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