Asami and akihito fanfiction

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asami and akihito fanfiction

After killing Voldemort, Harry Potter takes the mantle of his lordships, traveled around the world and invest in several businesses all over the world both legal and illegal ones. During a vacation between the business trips on the cruise boat, he met Feilong and the two hits off and spend nights together. Two worlds collide. When the mysterious past of Feilong and the revelations of Black family is exposed, what will happen to the relationship between the two?

Since the author seems to stop writing I wanted this piece of work to be continued. So, I adopted the work and wrote a continuation and add some plot twists. This is just a fanfiction crossover of both works. I would also like to credit J. Rowling and Yamana Ayano. The one encounter that leads Akihito to the world he's so little of understanding. Clumsily plunging head on and finding no way out. Just all because of one man. So what now? They lived a quiet and happy life.

The king was a good man and the best strategist in the kingdom. Through tricks and mind games he had been able to fend off his enemies and defend his kingdom. Until one day, a much bigger, much stronger kingdom attacked. The king tried to fight off their advances in a war that went on for twelve long years.

The king, in his last effort to save the last bit of hope his kingdom and its citizens had left, helped the princess escape, carrying with her the clothes she had on her back, an indescribable grief and hope for a fateful encounter that would help save the kingdom from the darkness it had fallen into.

Asami's eyes widened as he came face to face with the misfortunate captive. What surprised him though, wasn't the godlike beauty the other presented, nor that he was in heat. What happened to come as a shock to them all was the fact that he was reacting to him.

But while the shock faded away, it gave way to possesiveness and his eyes narrowed, a growl sounding from his throat. While at attendance at a fundraiser, Asami is planning on striking a deal for an important client. His plans go awry when a drunk blond garnishes his attention.

One night stands are always fun, but this one Akihito needed a part-time job to get through college and Asami needed an assistant. Can Akihito resist Asami seduction towards him or will he finally give in to lust?In the case of multi-chaptered stories, only the link to the first chapter is provided. Double Exposure by rageprufrock. Comments: Set between the end of Fixer and the start of the Naked Truth arc. This is an early VF fic that depicts an Akihito emotionally scarred by his experiences in the first volume.

Nevertheless, between domestic! Everything to Lose by Sunflower Summary: Akihito is gunned down and fighting for life in hospital, and Asami enlists the help of Takato to exact revenge. Comments: One of my favourite stories by Sunflower, the characterisations in this are scarily accurate and the plot is tense and violent — I could easily see this as a story arc in the actual manga.

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Despite this, the characterisations of Asami, Akihito, Suoh and Kirishima are great and the original characters interesting and colourful. Not the deepest fic, but a figurative page turner nonetheless. Sidetracked by eprime. Comments: Fem! Akihito infiltrates a day spa owned by Asami in order to spy on a corrupt politician.

No points for guessing how that works out for her, but this oneshot is a triumvirate of humour, sexiness and brilliant characterisation. Take the Bull by the Horns by eprime. Summary: A novel-length fic set after the events of Volume 6. Comments : A truly wonderful fic with great dialogue, a complex and thrilling plot, and a beautiful balance between drama and humour.

The story slowly unwinds and builds up to its heart-stopping climax, and Asami and Akihito are left standing in its wake, stronger than ever. There and Back Again by Sunflower Comments: This is both an emotionally painful and heart-wrenchingly romantic fic. Sunflower does a great job writing a more mature Akihito, and an Asami who has completely closed his heart off. The confrontations between Asami and Akihito in this fic put me through the wringer — much of the time it looks like it really is too late for their relationship.

Thankfully, the resolution more than makes up for the pain. Yours, Mine, Ours by eprime. The result is a very funny and in-character oneshot about how that might have come about. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Another fiction in the Finder universe. Comedic things and also endearing things will happen.

It makes me all fluffy and gooey inside honestly. The story starts out with Asami asks his men Kirishima and Suoh to bring Akihito to his penthouse but instead of the photographer, an infant was brought there instead.

Little did he know that it was a challenge or test for Ryuichi regarding his true feelings for Akihito. This fic is good to perfect for people who loves a good fluffy gooey fiction, with a little bit of magic and babies.

This is also a great to imagine Ryuichi out of his usual cold and dark character. Regarding the fanfic Wildcat, I posted this as a complete one. But the author did say that there will be surprise updates and yes, it happen.

It was just updated last June 1 Wednesday. Still, it is fluff with no heavy smut. Really loving it. The way Akihito shifts when he sneezes is definitely a cute one to see. But the most definite killer would be is the cat burrito. Another fanfiction review in the Finder no Hyouteki universe. Created in October 25, and it was finished in February 16, This story is written by Delmire you can find author-san on AO3 [archiveofourown.

It is a seven 7 chapter fiction. In this case, since Akihito is referred as cat or wildcat by Asami since his personality is like a cat for being feisty and agile. This fanfiction is purely fluff and no sex whatsoever. If you are in for a fluff that is so sweet you might wanna die, then go read this. You will not regret reading this. I personally have re-read this so many times and still feel silly after reading this. When I first stumble this, it was an ongoing series and I have to wait for the updates.

It was worth the wait I tell you. Funny because you see Ryuichi being all possessive on Akihito and also sweet because he just want cuddles from him. It will be very nice for the author to know your thoughts. This a fanfiction review in the Finder no Hyouteki universe.

Written by existinnon in Archive of Our Own. Published in September 5, and completed on November 11, This fiction was supposed to be a one shot according to the author but it turned into a three part fluff. I can really recommend this for those who are looking for something fluffy and if you love bears. The story is about Akihito hugging bears when Asami is not around and Asami gets jealous over the bears.

I find it really amusing because Asami is showing his possessiveness to Akihito and also showing that he really loves him. The bears are a great plus. Skip to content Another fiction in the Finder universe. It has six 6 chapters. Many thanks.Beat it up right. Dinner had been forgotten, once again. Akihito wondered why he bothered to wait for the perverted bastard to come home, or better yet, why he bothered to cook at all. Akihito tried not to let it go to his head, but what else was he supposed to think?

Barely five minutes in the penthouse and the horny bastard was all over him. He had been sitting on the couch, giggling over the show he was watching when Asami came home. Having finished dinner almost twenty minutes ago, Asami was only a little late. He had stopped off at the store to pick up beer for them to drink at Akihito's last-minute request. When Akihito heard his key in the door, he had tried to act nonchalant but the crime lord always has a way of affecting him on sight.

He was sexy as all hell, after all, and a great lay to boot. Akihito gave him a smile and, "Welcome home", before he unfolded his legs for under himself and rose to take the beer to the fridge. Only in a t-shirt and boxers, Akihito was always a feast to Asami's eyes. He followed Akihito to the kitchen and as he bent over to put the beer on the bottom shelf, Asami grabbed his hips from behind and let his fingers brush against the sensitive parts at his hip joints.

Akihito shivered, trying to push Asami's hand away, but Asami only snaked his arms around Akihito to hold him tighter. Akihito protested, "Can we eat first, dammit? The food has been ready for a while now.

asami and akihito fanfiction

I promise to play with you later. Asami chuckled, as he answered, "The food can wait, this", and Asami rubbed his stiff manhood against Akihito's firm ass, "Can not," and Asami lifted Akihito off the floor and carried him into the bedroom.

Asami said simply, "Later", before he tossed him on the bed and pinned him so he couldn't escape. Asami kissed Akihito on his pouting lips and then drew those same lips into something deeper. By the time Asami released his mouth, they were both gasping for breath.

Akihito's lips were bruised and swollen, only tempting Asami to assault them again. He slipped his hand under Akihito's t-shirt and began to pinch and roll his nipples between this thumb and finger. Akihito moaned into Asami's mouth before he was heard to say, "Ow, bastard! Don't abuse my sensitive skin. Asami remarked, "That isn't all I intend to abuse. Your body should be used to this by now, Akihito. Asami took Akihito's mouth again and nibbled at his bottom lip. Akihito knew enough not to accept the challenge.

No matter what he tried to tell Asami to convince him that he wasn't a masochistic pervert, he couldn't hide the truth from himself. He got off on Asami being rough with him. Fucking him fast and hard, but Asami preferred a more leisurely pace to their time in bed wringing Akihito dry in the process.

He seemed to enjoy savoring each thrust, like he had a premonition it would be his last, which, to Akihito, was just utter nonsense because they had, more that likely, just done it several hours ago.

Asami chuckled as he watched Akihito come to the realization that he was right. As a reward, Asami kissed him, slowly and passionately, tasting and teasing the inside of Akihito's mouth with his tongue as he moved his hand under the waistband of his boxers.

Akihito groaned when he felt Asami's lean, strong hand snake around his cock and begin slowly stroking, "Mmmm, Asami. Asami pulled the shorts off the boy with his other hand, as he used his teeth to raise his t-shirt to give his mouth access to his pink buds.

He suckled and nibbled on one, then the other, while still moving his hands, ever so slowly, up and down his dick. The sensation was keeping his mind on the very edges of sanity, when Asami suddenly moved his head to take Akihito into his mouth. Asami flicked his tongue across his tip several times, causing his body to spasm.My head gets messy when I try to hide The things I love about you in my mind.

Working in an internet cafe in the day and coming home to Asami in the night. With no choice, Akihito is forced to confront the shadow of his past. Except the shadow knows too much about Akihito…. Keep reading.

Will Asami be able to get Akihito to welcome him home, or will danger take Akihito away first? But it was like akihito had special powers and he had some tatto that made him one of the blessed people or something like that and he was sold off to asami… After he had lost in a war emptying his magic and asami lile trains him to fight and maybe mates him i dont remember for sure ….

But yeah he has like this silver? Tatto on either his chest or back … This is all I remember so pls help!!!!! Some of the resemblance was uncanny, especially Asami and Jotaro. Even their personalities matched! Hello, here is part of the new extra in Spanish that I have translated sorry if my translation is not exact. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most popular Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View.

My brain when I think about Akihito and Asami: This song on a 24 hour loop. Show more notes.

asami and akihito

You know what i miss except toilet paper? Except the shadow knows too much about Akihito… Keep reading. Heya finder series fandom…. Best AUs for Asami and Akihito? Finder, Chapter Kirishima : Good Morning, Asami-sama. Kirishima : Uh… Is this about breakfast? Kirishima Eh? Asami : No problem.While AFF and its agents attempt to remove all illegal works from the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, there is always the possibility that some submissions may be overlooked or dismissed in error.

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Finder No Hyouteki: Stay

Password Reset. Update Account. Mikhail centric, set after the series. Mikhail is bored. So he picks up a stranger on the run. But when the stranger turns out to be someone he knows, things get complicated. Frame By : Sueona Published : May 8, How can he put everything back to place?

asami and akihito fanfiction

This is like a pre-sequel to Flames Will Burn You. The name Asami will be feared and powerful. Ryuuichi and Kyoko will make sure of it. It was another story he had to know. The moment of truth was going to come. What will it mean for them? Reasons By : Sueona Published : September 15, What will Fei Long do to get that answer? What will happen between them? Heart By : Sueona Published : August 14, Help By : Sueona Published : July 30, Akihito needs help and he goes to a very powerful yakuza.

What would be the price be for the help and what type of help will he receive in the end? Betrayal By : Sueona Published : April 11, Why By : Sueona Published : April 8, Akihito is a prince, who's world is about to be flipped upside down and inside out. Shady Business By : shad0wg8 Published : April 20, On the surface, he's known to be a leading young businessman of Japan. However, underneath this veneer, Asami is a powerful figure in the underworld.

asami and akihito fanfiction

The Finder Series story starts when Akihito Takaba take pictures of Asami's illegal business dealings. Then Asami takes an interest in the photographer, which begins a complicated relationship where the two end up becoming lovers. Asami is a very tall, handsome and muscular man who has a strong build with defined muscles.

He has short dark hair that is normally slicked back but it is shown to be loose after he sleeps or takes a shower and piercing golden eyes that are described by the mangaka.

Asami is almost always dressed in formal wear and all of his clothes are order made. There are several expensive watches that he coordinates with various suits and he is often shown to be smoking a cigarette. According to the series character book, he stands out because of his cold but beautiful appearance. Asami has a serious nature and he is an extremely shrewd businessman. The Finder Series character book describes him as a person who has the best technique in everything. While working, he is composed and seemingly flawless.

Asami rarely loses his self-control, and often is shown to be several steps ahead of others. His personality is dominating, and he is sadistic when it comes to erotic punishment. He is able to force people to bend to his will, and eliminate those who stand in his way. Asami will not tolerate anyone who attempts to defile his property, especially his lover. Despite his seemingly ruthless nature, Asami is shown to have a surprisingly kind side. Although he does not trust people easily, he never hesitates to protect loyal subordinates.

The contradicting facets of Asami's character are most evident in the way he cares for Akihito Takaba. Initially, Asami pursued Takaba partly out of determination to control the free spirit of the younger man. This possessiveness later transitioned into a determination to protect Takaba. Asami is willing to go to great lengths and even risk his life for his lover. His relationship with Takaba proves that he is passionate, even though he outwardly appears unemotional.

The fact that he is willing to let Takaba live with him and indulges him proves his true intentions for the younger man. Very little has been revealed about Asami's past. In the Finder Series character book, it states that his background is a mystery. At the beginning of the story, he is already a formidable businessman and powerhouse of the underworld.

Asami owns or is linked to many businesses, from hotels to nightclubs.


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